TechBargains not only offers the ability to find great tech deals, but also an assurance in the products they recommend and the companies that are selling them. All of the deals listed on their site are personally recommended by their staff based on research and reader feedback.

 Dealnews, just like the name, is a site for finding the latest news on deals from reputable merchants. It was created in 1999 by the same people who created Dealmac. Although the site now focuses on a wide variety of deals, it is still a great place to search for the latest tech deals.

 xpBargains offers a wide variety of tech deals but specializes in deals on desktops and notebooks. They list all of the latest deals on their front page and have a huge coupon section with coupons for all of the major computer manufacturers.

 Dealmac is a bargain hunting site by the creators of Dealnews but with a focus on Apple and Apple related products. This site is a great place to search for the latest deals on new and used macs, ipods and other Apple products as well as other things you as a mac user might need.

 Ben’s Bargains is a bargain hunting site that was created by Ben Chui in 2000. New bargains are frequently listed on the front page and can be made popular by the amount of clicks, comments, bookmarks, and views. is a user driven site where users submit deals and coupons to their forums. When the thread gets a high enough rating, the post will be promoted to the front page. This site has a huge community which makes it a great place to search for tech deals.

 DealsPlus is a social shopping community where users submit and vote on their favorite deals. It was created by Ben Chui of Ben’s Bargains. Think of it as Digg but for deals. When a deal gets enough votes, it appears on the front page. This site might not have as many users as some of the others but it is still my personal favorite.

 JellyFish is a search engine for buying things. They call themselves the Internet’s first buying engine. The best part, however, is that JellyFish shares their commission. When you purchase a product that you found through them, they will credit you back part of the commission they get from the sale. is a blog focused purely on tech deals. New deals are frequently posted to the front page where they can be viewed and commented on.

 FatWallet is a large forum centered deal hunting website where users find and post deals in their forums. The site also offers cash back rewards when visitors purchase items through their referral links.

 Now I would like your input. Please share with me the sites that you use when hunting for tech deals.