Being raised in the TV Generation I was so influenced by both TV and movies.  Everything from B horror flicks to the classics or from memorable television shows to just something playing on TV.  Here is my timeline that influenced me so much that I needed to recreate them in my backyard.

First Horror Movie – The Blob 1958

The first horror movie that I remember watching was on a RCA black and white TV with rabbit ears at grandma’s house? The Blob scared both me and my cousin on late Saturday night huddled together while watching this classic on a snowy picture.

Post Apocalyptic TV Movie – Where Have All The People Gone? 1974

Memorable B movie that was one of the first post apocalyptic movies that I recreated in the ole back yard.  The plot was based on a solar flare that had turned people into a white powder and some animals crazy.  It must have saved the studios huge on the cost of special effects since the powder looked like flour.  A special note was the stolen GM truck that the adventurers used the movie looked like our family vehicle and sat in my driveway bringing special life to my movie recreation. Bad acting and campy but still stuck in my brain forever.

Post Apocalyptic TV Movie (Memorable Runner-up) – Damnation Alley 1977

Damnation Alley

Another B movie that was campy but loved the vehicles.  I also learned that reading the book and watch the movie are two completely different adventures and don’t ever try comparing them or you just get disappointed each time so just sit back and enjoy both.

First Science Fiction Movie – Star Wars 1977 – The best!

More to come