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Camping Supply Lists


Before I explain what we told your boys, let me cover the two items we were adamant they NOT bring to camp? The list was short.

No electronics at all, including cell phones

No matches, lighters, or other flammable materials

So, what did we tell them to bring, and from experience, what do the boys need? This list is based on two good days of rain while in camp, and was a Sunday – Saturday camp (6 days, 6 nights), so adjust accordingly:

1 footlocker (wild animal proof) with combination lock (not a key lock because keys get lost or worse, locked inside).

Completed medical form signed by parent or guardian and physician.

Two Summer Scout uniforms which includes shorts and short sleeve shirt and several Scout T-shirts.

At least ten pairs of socks. (Some Scout socks for use with summer uniform). If it rains, which it did, dry socks are hard to come by at the end of the week.

Towels (2) and washcloth

At least five changes of underwear

Swimming trunks, towel, and goggles

Laundry Bag/Trash bag for dirty and wet clothes

Sleeping bag or sheets and blanket

Poncho or raincoat – A MUST

Extra pair of shoes (For wet weather) – A must (can be Croc type shoes, no open toe shoes in camp)

Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and comb and other personal toiletries

Flashlight/Headlight with extra batteries

Scout Handbook, Merit Badge Books

Notepaper, pencil or pen (Self-addressed envelopes with stamps)

Personal First Aid Kit

Mosquito repellent – roll-on, pump or cream only – No aerosol cans


Canteen, camelback or water bottle


Small backpack to carry around books, crafts, clothing, swim towel, etc.

Money for merit badge crafts, snacks (depending on merit badges and supplies needed, $40-$50 should be sufficient)

We had the same problem this year as we did in all previous years. We had scouts that didn’t put their names on things, they didn’t claim it, we have a huge lost and found pile since returning from camp. If you want the same stuff the scouts took with them returning home, get a permanent marker and put the scout name on EVERYTHING. I can’t stress how important that part is!

Optional things to consider:

Camera and Film (Disposable camera (Waterproof if desired)) write your name on it with indelible ink.

Compass (if needed for specific merit badge requirements)

Pocket -knife with Tot N Chip card (Sheath knives not allowed.)

Fishing pole and Tackle (Do not bring live bait- camp will have available)

Backpack and backpacking tent (if needed for specific merit badge requirement)

Personal cooking utensils (if needed for specific merit badge requirement)

Long-sleeve shirt and long pants (if needed for specific merit badge requirement – Swimming and Life Saving)

Hiking boots (if needed for specific merit badge requirement)

Please read the pre-requisites for the merit badges signed up for. It will tell you what you need to bring. Most popular items are above