Repost …

So you thought you saw a ghost flying over the New Mexico desert…
…well, you’d be partially right. It was a Bandit!
OR, maybe it was a Bunyap!!!
Confused yet? Good, you should be.
See, the 417th went from a TFS to a Tactical Fighter Training Squadron…
then to a Fighter Squadron.
Then aircraft of the 417th went to the 7th FS, which became the 7th CTS.
The 417th deactivated, and then later a new 417th—a Weapons Squadron–stood up at Nellis.
…but I have no idea where the 417th is now…any ideas???
BTW, in case you were wondering…
“dorque” is French for “ghost.”

Oops, correction…the 417th Weapons Squadron.
Sound off! Let us know what you were up to at Hahn, Ramstein, or Zweibrucken!
Send us your photos and stories and we’ll post’em here!

In the meantime, here is the only 417th sites I have found….