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Dayton Ohio

These destinations make it easy to turn a trip to the park into an educational, fossil-hunting adventure.

Caesar Creek State Park
4020 N. Clarksville Road, Waynesville, OH  (approximately 40 minutes from downtown Dayton)
(513) 897-1050 | |

Oakes Quarry Park
Entrance and parking located on State Route 235 just east of I-675 in Fairborn (approximately 25 minutes from downtown Dayton)
(937) 754-3090 |

Hueston Woods State Park
6301 Park Office Road, College Corner, OH (approximately 1 hour from downtown Dayton)
(513) 523-6347 |

Trammel Fossil Park
Trammel Drive, Sharonville, OH (approximately 1 hour from downtown Dayton)
(513) 563-2985 |

Stonelick State Park
2895 Lake Drive, Pleasant Plain, OH  (approximately 1 hour, 15 minutes from downtown Dayton)
(513) 734-4323 |


  • Ohio’s state fossil is Isotelus, a type of trilobite from the Ordovician period.
  • Fossil collecting sites like the ones listed above are along what’s known as the Cincinnati Arch, and attract paleontologists from all over the US.
  • Always make sure to contact the sites ahead of time to confirm where fossil collecting is allowed and whether there are any site-specific rules to consider


Slvania Ohio

5675 Centennial Road, Slvania, OH 43560