Happy Hour


Triple D grade …


$ 4/5 Georges Family Restaurant – Great local home cooking at great diner prices.  Excellent service that make you feel at home.  Typical Greek diner menu with a couple of Greek dishes, gyros, spinach pie but the rest of the menu brings in the crowd. Cod Fish sandwich with potato wedges was excellent.  http://georgesdayton.com/ 
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$ 4/5 Taqueria Mixteca 1609 East 3rd Street, Dayton, OH 45403 (937) 258-2654 ‎ Great food and service, but no real atmosphere. A true dive! Real Local Mexican menu with no frills and many will order takeout.

$ 4/5 Tsaos http://www.yelp.com/biz/tsaos-cuisine-fairborn 
Nice lunch buffet with limited selections but nicely done.  Everything I ate was well prepared and fresh, not soggy from too much time in the steamer table sauna.  Don’t expect 250 item buffet and you will enjoy.  I would definitely go back. UPDATE to 4/5 – did go back and very consistently the best food in the area.  General Taos Chicken is the best in the area with outstanding comments as far as Texas, but don’t let that offend the more sophisticated palette since all the dishes on the whiteboard are outstanding.

$-$$ 4/5 CJ Chan 536 Wilmington Dayton http://www.mycjchan.com/ (most annoying web page award) Great food here but tiny dining room and plan to wait.  Includes both Chinese and Japanese menus with high quality food with fair prices.  Great lunch special at $5-6 off the Chinese menu.  Both L12 Kung Po Chicken and L10 General Taos Chicken are excellent.  Appetizers this trip included Crab Rangoon and hot and spicy soup were normal.  Great service even though packed and great food will bring me back to try again.

$$ 4/5 Thai Kitchen 8971 Kingsridge Drive Dayton OH http://www.tkthaikitchen.com/ Great small place and great service but check the hours! Try the basil chicken or pad Thai for your main dish. If hungry then add any curry since are all wonderful (I get it as my soup). Finally only for the ones that are so hungry they “could eat the leg off the chair” get the chicken satay for appetizer. Watch out for Thai hot, I get 3/4 if I just want normal heat or 7 for a good heat and they will do 0 and add no heat for the wimps.

$$ untested

$$ untested
https://www.angiesfirehousetavern.com/menus (broken)

NOTE: Triple D that is Diner Drive-in or Dive.  (no chains!)

Good Food

$ 3/5 Colliers Family Restaurant – Springfield OH – Great country diner fare at a great price.   Many great dinner specials start at $7.  Homemade pies and candies.  Fried chicken (a little salty for my taste)  http://www.colliersfamilyrestaurant.com/

$ 3/5 Greek Delight – Middletown OH http://www.greciandelightmiddletown.com/ Great small lunch place but very utilitarian on the inside.  No complaints about their great food and service, but feels like you are eating at the mall.  Burgers are popular for the non Greek patrons.

$-$$ 3/5 Pearl Bay
http://pearlbayrestaurant.com/ Small nice ex-hamburger restaurant in Fairborn area that represents Thai food very well with good service.

$$ 3/5 Little Saigon Restaurant  – Facebook  Menu and another Menu First there is confusion over the name both this restaurant and http://www.littlesaigondayton.com/ share the same name.  The scoop from the owner this that the other restaurant was spinoff by ex-employee from the original.  First don’t judge the book by its cover, if so I would have kept on going.  We arrived late to a smaller empty older dining room but still had great service from both the staff and the owner since the walked us through the menu, gave us great suggestions and we had a great meal of pork rolls and special soup.  Great food, great people!

$$ 3/5 Pho Mi  http://www.pho-mi.com/ great noodle dishes

$$$ 3/5 Dublin Pub http://dubpub.com/home/ Good food but pricey. Fish and chips are good for the US but not Dublin quality.

$$$ 3/5 Thai 9
http://www.thai9restaurant.com/Main.html – Safe Thai restaurant in Dayton but more expensive than most.  Dining atmosphere resembles eating in a barn or woodshed, but the food and service was good.  We had a curry and Chicken Pad Thai which both represented what we expected but not overwhelmed.

$ Burrito-King
My son’s favorite due to huge cheap burritos fixed fresh by a friendly couple.  However the food is the star here, since it is a small place with little indoor seating.
Tripadvisor – Burrito King
Yelp – Burrito King Dayton


Fair to OK

$ 2/5 Mexican Restaurant and Cantina http://www.elsas.net/ Cheap beer and free nachos!  Food was not the strong suit here.


Dayton Award Winners






Chain Restaurants

These are regional or national chains with several locations – not Triple D but some are ok in a pinch

$ 4/5 stars – Five Guys has great hamburgers and fries but that is all they fix.  Soda bar with free refills. Self service. http://www.fiveguys.com/locations.aspx?fAddress=dayton$

$ 4/5 Roosters – Great Carolina Gold Chicken or BBQ Wings – http://www.roosterswings.com/corporate/locations/

$ 3/5 stars – Fricker’s (Several Locations) had good large wings and is kid friendly since kids eat free, but come early since it is still a bar and food quality varies by location.

$$ 4/5 stars – Ritas – http://www.ritasfranchises.com/stores/store.cfm/Kettering-45440/store/508 Great place for custard and italian ice.

$$ 4/5 The Pub – Good Fun – Good Food http://www.experiencethepub.com/beavercreek

$$ 4/5 stars – Mongolian Grill in Mason OH – happy hour and freshly prepared http://www.gomongo.com/

$$ 3/5 stars – Quaker Steak and Lube near WPAF has good large wings but $$ for what you get.  Great selection of wing sauces and large wings.  Full menu and kid friendly but still $ for little ones. http://www.thelube.com/Beavercreek_OH/

$$ 2.5/5 Stars – Marion’s pizzathin cheap pizza that was not that cheap – I don’t get it but rate my many as Dayton’s #1- http://www.marionspiazza.com/

Unrated but highly recommended


Loretta’s Country Kitchen – great pie
Scott Young: Say hi to Heather she is owner and good friend of mine

Cold Water Cafe, which is in an old bank
damn good food, like Buffalo and Ostrich

$ Country Buffet in Lima OH
$$ Coco Bistro
$$$ – Chop House –  Try the Onion Rings
$ Nelly’s Chicken, best rotisserie chicken in Dayton http://www.nellyschicken.com/index.html

$/$$ Primanti Brothers Beavercreek


Middletown BBQ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Combs-BBQ/658991414150186

Findley BBQ http://tonysrestaurantfindlay.com/ Try the ribs

FatBack https://www.facebook.com/pages/FATBACKS-BBQ/640710889291567


Top 35 Dayton Burgers

image Voted best burger Dayton News

Fish Sandwich and Pork Tenderloin recommended


Chinese / Thai






Francos http://www.francos-italiano.com/

$El Dorado (Los Reyes) Mexican Restaurant http://nedayton.suddenvalues.com/sudden/businesses/index.cfm?websiteid=8660
$ Los Marichas in Xenia http://www.mymariachis.com/
$ Taco Loco http://www.yelp.com/biz/taco-loco-dayton
$ Johnny’s Tortas https://es-la.facebook.com/pages/JOHNNYS-TORTAS/162411043830878

Los Reyes in Kettering

El Rancho in West Carrollton

Las Margaritas – Five Star Carnitas



New Pizza to try …
Joes Pizzeria
Tripadvisor Joe_s_Pizzeria-Dayton_Ohio

Wheat Penny

Middletown Wood Fired

Troni’s Pizza

Corleone Pizza and Subs – mixed reviews

NY Style in Dayton

Hand Tossed Mall Pizza
http://spinozas.com/ $$


Sushi Club

More to Try

Pine Club, Marion’s Pizza, Elsa’s Mini Super Burrito, Joe’s Pizza near the AFB.