Randel Hall

Random thoughts


Hi:  Randel Hall here, if you didn’t already know from the URL.  This blog is dedicated to my random thoughts and ideas.  You can visit my TEch page that I use for my classes or my online cookbook.  Hope you enjoy.

I once travelled the US installing computer equipment, setting up networks and supporting thousands of users.  One claim to fame is that I have set up, configured or supported a network in every state of the US except Alaska.  Today I am taking that experience to the classroom while my family grows up.

My passion is to see and do new things.  I have travelled the US and have been to every state except Alaska.  I also love the Caribbean and visiting as many islands as possible.  I love the water and have travelled both US coasts from as far north and south as possible as well as visiting around Florida and made my way to Mexico via the Gulf Coast.  Luckily pre oil spill !!

Great Lakes are included since I have visited around each of the great wonders as well.  A Canadian trip included the St Lawrence seaway to the Atlantic and back around Nova Scotia to Maine.

Of course then there are lighthouses and my lighthouse is West Quoddy Lighthouse near my favorite place in Maine Lubec.  Mainly due to the wonderful people at the Regional Medical Center at Lubec.

Now you know the rest of the story, hence the picture of the West Quoddy Lighthouse.


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